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Fairagora Asia does many collaborations and participates in numerous events. Here is what our partners and fellow participants think about us.

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Thomson Reuters

Strengthening the Thai ecosystem : joining forces against forced labor

EM Lyon

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We collaborated with EM Lyon Business School for several Makers' projects.



Handbook for Regenerative Ag Sugarcane Practices

Nestlé´s Handbook for Regenerative Sugarcane Practices aims to promote the uptake of improved practices among sugarcane producers across different landscapes, based on the understanding that there is a common destination but no single pathway. The main goal of the handbook is to provide sugarcane producers with the basic understanding and evidence to support their transition towards regenerative agriculture, helping them reap the benefits of a healthier, more sustainable production.

Fairagora Asia's collaborated on the realisation of this handbook !

You can find the handbook here.

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