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As a lawyer specializing in ESG for over 20 years, Emmanuelle Bourgois worked with FAO, World Bank, EU projects, development organizations, and universities to support international trade facilitation in the food sector. 

But motherhood appealed for a stronger alignment of her work within a changing planet. Emma decided to pursue a graduate degree to add a sustainability perspective to leverage her expertise. This led her to start Fairagora Asia in Thailand where she met Thanyasiri Deeying or May. 

Coming from a family of farmers, May grew up witnessing the huge responsibility farmers bear as the producers of the crop supply chain, sometimes going against their deserved quality of life. May later moved to Bangkok where she learned English and pursued a higher degree to advocate for farmers' justice. 


Together, Emma and May embarked across Thailand and Southeast Asia, providing hands-on sustainability implementation for organizations and businesses. While Emma concentrated on social and environmental compliances, May was the main facilitator during farmers' capacity development training. 

Today, Fairagora Asia has grown from 2 to a team of 11 people. Check out team member page to know our members! 

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