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Fairagora Asia has two co-founders: Emmanuelle Bourgois (Emma) and Yann Laurent.


As a lawyer specializing in ESG for more than 20 years, Emmanuelle Bourgois started her career working globally in 4 continents and nearly 40 countries, for development institutions, (FAO, World bank or EU projects, governments, and universities), as an expert on international trade facilitation for the agriculture and food sectors.

Motherhood appealed for a stronger alignment of her work within a changing planet. She took professional master's degree modules after two kids were born, to add the sustainability perspective. This led her to start FairAgora Asia in Thailand where she was based, to drive change in business incorporating sustainability at its core while creating value.

Fairagora Asia couldn't have been what it is today without its team. Each member comes from a very different background and brings his/her own expertise to the company's work. At Fairagora Asia, we value skill improvement. No matter the background and the knowledge a team member has, we value most importantly richness of spirit, open-mindedness, and will to engage people in our business such as the local farmers. This common willingness is one of the main reasons that makes us get out of bed every morning.

This is how Fairagora became a business around sustainability and solidarity managed by a family.

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Un groupe de jeunes buvant entre deux repas

Our vision is already included in our company's name.

In                          , "Agora" is an ancient Greek word that stands for "market" and "people".  We want to include every stakeholder to change the market in order to make it a better place and more sustainable.

"Fair" stands for the conception we want to achieve: create a place where all citizens can exchange ideas and gather to make important decisions. In the food industry, we want to create a fair space to communicate, and take action.

With this name, our motto came naturally: "Drive Change, Create value". We stimulate change in people's lives and challenge the system already in place to create value.

We want to take action to create positive changes that are beneficial for our clients.

FAA logo détouré.png
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