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Creation of a solution framework

- Desk research
- Identification of change drivers
- Choice of appropriate data collection tools
- Technology adoption strategy
- Identification of training needs

Value chain analysis

- Value chain mapping
- Benchmark against existing standards
- Compliance gap analysis
- Identification of key external partners



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Evaluation & Project Design

Field experience is crucial to understanding workers’ mindsets and everyday challenges. That is why we try to go on-site during the data collection phase, especially in social projects like LTP, to interview vulnerable populations such as migrant workers. We also go on the field to collect first-hand experience when we assist very small farmers who might not be tech-savvy, or when we want to plan workshops and audit readiness sessions.

We have really good communication with farmers. We can reach them quickly and anytime with our anchor contacts and through our TikTok farmer network. 

Supply Chain Engagement detailed
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Data Management

Proper data analysis requires extensive and reliable inputs. Thereby, we complete our data collection toolkit with tailored surveys. We use them during field trips or by transferring them to trustworthy stakeholders. They allow for great flexibility in our workflow, on top of being easy to fill for our interviewees. We typically use surveys because it allows us to have quantitative data about specific topics to conduct statistical analysis and elaborate models.

Our team has years of expertise in working with internationally recognized standards such as ASC, SRP, etc.

Not used to these standards? Or maybe you want to try something daring and new?

Every partner is unique, and every project should be tailored to your needs.

That is why we developed our own metrics, combining recognized methods and careful experimentation. And of course, they are also adaptable to your needs.

From declaration to cross-checks and audits, we have everything you need to certify your products. Get started today by contacting us.

Data Management detailed

Solution Implementation

Once we have collected useful data, we need to connect the dots and produce both beautiful graphics and in-depth insights. To do that, we mainly work on R, the standard software for statistical computing, used extensively by researchers and IT professionals.​

Our team has the skillset to dive deep into the data - and bring back the knowledge our partners need.  We worked on forecasting scenarii for climate change mitigation, but also interactive apps with Rshiny, survey analysis,...​

When crunching numbers, we use trusted algorithms from the latest science articles and best agencies, with the flexibility to adapt them to your specifications.

Solution Cration & Implementation detailed
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