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FairAgora Asia has supported Solution 9 Co., Ltd. or I Tim TukTuk, a small Thai company based in Bangkok producing ice cream, to reach compliance with GMP and HACCP standards. I Tim TukTuk provides originally designed ice creams in little tricycles (TukTuks) specifically built for the retail sales around Bangkok. I Tim TukTuk has been seeking a strong quality management system for its production methods and wants to continuously improve its plant efficiency. The desire to reach new markets and export was linked to compliance with GMP and HACCAP standards, doors to those markets and investors requirements.

FairAgora has developed a strong gap analysis for compliance and management procedures for the GMP& HACCP standards requirements implementation. Food safety, good practices for hygiene and I Tim TukTuk employees’ wellbeing were tackled and assured at the production plant.  FairAgora Asia also provided advice on safe practices at the production chain level.

The assessment of the current status of the company was made by FairAgora team and supported by a direct interaction with GMP and HACCAP standard specialists. Regular meetings and trainings before the audit allowed a step-to-step implementation towards the quality management system, where the company can build ownership over the different procedures and forms delivered for compliance.

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