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Project Manager (Green)

FairAgora Asia is a Bangkok-based consultancy firm supporting agribusiness on their journey to compliance and certification. The company developed Verifik8, a technology, and market-driven verification system to drive social and environmental performances of agriculture operators while improving productivity and sustainability. VerifiK8 software platform provides real-time data collection, triangulation, and analysis to connect the supply chain with an actionable tool to drive responsible sourcing in the industry.

The Project manager will implement the above approach in sugarcane and other agricultural food/commodity supply chain(s)m called “green projects” in opposition to the “blue projects” which are implemented in aquaculture and fisheries and supervised by the other manager. The project manager’s main role is to collaboratively, together with the top management of the company and its team, design strategies and implement solutions to fit the industry’s needs and foster innovative approaches in Thailand and internationally.

Starting: June 2019 / Full time

Location: Bangkok office. Flexibility to travel around Thailand & SEA

The sustainable agriculture and innovation manager works under the general supervision of the CEO (Emma), the CTO (Yann) and the COO (Juliette)

This scope of work lists of anticipated tasks to be proactively executed; other tasks may arise following organizational needs.


  1. Green projects’ management and Green team supervision


Project management responsibilities include the coordination and completion of projects on time within budget and within scope. The project manager oversees all aspects of Green projects:

  • set deadlines,

  • assign responsibilities,

  • monitor and summarize progress of the project, with detailed project plan to monitor and track progress using the company’s tool (GANT, Trello) or other specifics

  • prepare reports for upper management regarding status of the project

  • Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule and project costs using appropriate verification techniques

  • Measure project performance using appropriate tools and techniques

  • Report and escalate to management as needed

  • Perform risk management to minimize project risks

  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation


The project manager supervises and animates the green team and

  • Delegate project tasks based on junior staff members’ individual strengths, skill sets and experience levels

  • Track team performance, to analyze the successful completion of short and long-term goals


The project manager also ensures coordination with other teams’ members to ensure transversality execution of related competencies such as IT development, social media, new commodities.

The project manager prepare, attend and actively participates to meetings and discussions with key accounts, leads, customers and partners to contribute to ensuring viability and growth of the company’s projects.


  2. Green projects’ business development and budget execution


The project manager works directly with clients to ensure deliverables fall within the applicable
scope and budget. He or she coordinates with other project managers and teams to ensure all
aspects of each project are compatible with:


  • Ensure all projects are delivered on-time, within the scope and within budget

  • Meet budgetary objectives and make adjustments to project constraints based on financial analysis

  • Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects

  • Assist in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility

  • Establish and maintain relationships with third parties/vendors

  • Meet with clients to take detailed ordering briefs and clarify specific requirements of each project

  • Develop comprehensive project plans to be shared with clients as well as other staff members

  • Develop spreadsheets, diagrams and process maps to document needs


The project manager takes an active role to develop the green projects’ client portfolio in collaboration with the CEO and COO, to:

  • Ensure resource availability and allocation

  • Manage and develop a relationship with clients and all stakeholders

  • Reflect and report to management on business development strategies

  3. Ensure the development of Fairagora and VerifiK8


In liaison with other project managers and team members, enable cross-expertise management in the various fields and team clusters for Fairagora and VerifiK8 clients. Cross-team work is core to co-design appropriate solutions to fit Clients’ and users’ needs in collaboration with relevant internal teams to ensure alignment with standards and project/client.

Participate in FairAgora, VerifiK8 management team discussions to co-design the appropriate business models and pivot using field information and lessons:


  • Prepare, contribute and support strategic discussions

  • Provide strategic recommendations on the relevance and applicability of sustainability measurement criteria for agriculture;

  • Prepare application and present VerifiK8, to award, competition, and events

  • Support Social media and other media posting and content drafting


4. Requirements:

  • Proven working experience in project management

  • Excellent client-facing and internal communication skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills

  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office

  • Bachelor’s Degree in an appropriate field of study or equivalent work experience Familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures.


Skills & proficiencies:

  • Developing and Tracking Budgets

  • Coaching and employees’ empowerment

  • Supervision

  • Staffing

  • Project Management

  • Management

  • Process Improvement

  • Planning

  • Performance Management

  • Inventory Control

  • Verbal Communication

  • Project Management tools proficiency


  5. Contact Details

CV and cover letter to be sent to the admin and indicate "Green Project Manager" in the subject line of the email. CC to;

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