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The sustainability of Thai sugarcane sector 2020 edition

In 2017, the white paper was written by FairAgora, to provide stakeholders with top-line information regarding the Thai sugarcane industry based on up-to-date market intelligence, technical data, and relevant government policy. It provides a high-level overview of the Thai sugarcane industry and identifies key opportunities for driving the sustainability agenda forward using the Bonsucro standard as a reference framework. The report is based on data collected from a desktop review of market intelligence, technical data, and government policy, as well as from insight acquired through stakeholder engagement.

Since 2017, FairAgora has been working partnership with PepsiCo and NESTLÉ to support continuous improvement and develop capacity in responsible and sustainable sugar cane production practices in Thai sugarcane industry.


The White Paper 2020 Edition aims to;

  1. Identify critical social, economic, and environmental challenges that need to be addressed in the Thai sugarcane industry, as well as key opportunities to drive the sustainability agenda forward on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

  2. Address some of the biggest challenges in the sugarcane industry, improved stakeholder engagement and collaboration is needed across the supply chain.

  3. Show the outcomes of Impact project on fostering continuous improvement in Thai sugarcane sector.

  4. Show the outcomes of Labor Transparency Project (LTP) on increasing transparency and fostering safe and fair labor practices within sugarcane supply chain in Thailand.

  5. Publicize and present at Bonsucro Global Week and similar international sugarcane events.


April-May 2020 Market analysis and desk research

June 2020 Develop to final report

July 2020 Publication the White Paper 2020 Edition


USD 10,000



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