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Jobs → Sustainable Agriculture/Aquaculture & Data Science Internship

Sustainable Agriculture/Aquaculture & Data Science Internship

Starting date: Flexible

Location:  FairAgora Asia - Bangkok office & travels in Thailand. Potential field trips in SEA countries.

[INTERNSHIP] – 6 months/ Full time

1. Introduction

FairAgora Asia is a Bangkok-based consultancy firm supporting agricultural operators on certification process. The company created VerifiK8, a technology verification system to improve social and environmental performances of agricultural operators. The objective of the Verifik8 website platform is to promote efficiency, productivity and sustainability in the entire supply chain. The Verifk8 software platform provides a real-time data collection, and an analysis of the data to foster better farming management while doing a benchmarking against the most relevant sustainability standards existing. 

VerifK8 is ready to be used by shrimp’s and sugarcane’s farmers, but seeks to be extended to other type of farms (rice, other seafood commodities, rubber,etc.) 

The intern would benefit from a unique exposure to the key sustainability issues in Southeast Asia food and agro supply chain, working on environmental and social compliance and contributes to the discussion in a proactive way. 

The sustainable aquaculture/agriculture data science project executive is based in Bangkok and will be responsible for VerifiK8 technology implementation and iterative feedback loop for the pilot phase on farms and processing plants. The intern will mostly work on sustainability specific projects and will also contribute to other FairAgora projects in other commodities as per FairAgora Asia clients’ needs. The intern work will be mostly related to sustainable standards and certification advisory services (BONSUCRO, Proterra, ASC, AIP, BAP, Organic regulation, etc.)

The below activities are done in close collaboration both with the IT and the farmers engagement teams

2. Major functions

2.1 Support the next VerifiK8 deployment with piloting with strategic group of farmers:

  • Identify supply chain short term and long term needs for compliance and incentives toward sustainability;

  • Strategize and articulate supply chain needs to develop VerifiK8 features in direct relation with industry requirements, more specifically for sugar cane and aquaculture;

  • Coordinate the activities related to Verifik8 deployment such as farmers training and advisory, workshops, surveys., etc. 

  • From those field experience, prepare related documentation for IT development teams to proceed with VerifiK8 adaptations (specs);


2.2 Provide support and collaboration to the Verifik8 sugarcane or Shrimp aquaculture project:

  • Review existing publications on production monitoring for sustainability, encompassing social and environmental dimensions

  • Prepare technical reports and information for incorporation in the Database or other related information system pieces as will be required

  • Work closely with the sugarcane project office team & the pilots farms: project planning, logistics (timeline, objectives, outputs and results analysis)

  • Conduct literature review on the other sustainable standards which could be integrated in Verifk8 platform


2.3 Data Science: Social and environmental metrics and algorithms for VerifiK8 data model and standards

  • Understand the VerifiK8 data model to prepare data mining processes

  • Understand the different standards and the needs for data analysis to assess level of compliance

  • Participate in the selection and adjustment of the metrics chosen to monitor environmental and social performances of the farms

  • Propose improvements to the VerifiK8 data model

  • Improve the carbon footprint R model for sugar cane farms

2.4 Data science: platform development 

  • In close collaboration with the IT team, develop R scripts to analyze Verifik8 data for standard compliance

  • Develop a set of R script to enrich the different system dashboards

  • Develop a set of R script to enrich VerifiK8 reporting system.

  • Develop technical reports & dashboard


2.5 Support FairAgora and VerifiK8 projects:

  • Support to business and entrepreneurship articulation:

  • Support the development of the entrepreneurship documentation,

  • Help the preparation of business and investors reports,

  • Participate and support competition and start-up pitch entries for funds, grants and investors

3. Qualifications
  • University degree in a field related to agriculture and or aquaculture;

  • Experience in data mining and use of R preferred;

  • Field experience in the agricultural or aquaculture sector will be an asset;

  • Strong interest to work in a start-up environment;

  • Strong interest in sustainability impact and technology related;

  • Interest in working in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment, (Government, NGO’s, Donors, Civil Society), 

  • Strong skills or keen to learn in project planning, financing, management, implementation, and evaluation;

  • Excellent English communication skills (oral and written); 

  • Local language of VerifK8 pilot countries would be an advantage (Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa, Pilipino).

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to adapt and develop strong relationships at all levels.

This job description covers the main tasks and conveys the spirit of the sort of tasks that are anticipated proactively from staff. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary according to organizational needs.

4. Conditions of Internship 
  • Based in Bangkok (Asok)

  • Working schedule: 5 days per week, 8h per day. In case of fieldwork, these schedules are flexible/adjustable.

  • Local holidays: Adjusted to Thai calendar (14 days per year)

  • Working Holidays: 15 per year, pro-rata basis of the internship duration (1.5 days holiday/month worked)

  • Report to VerifiK8 Agronomist Expert/ FairAgora Asia’s Director on a weekly basis

You may apply by writing to (CV and Cover Letter; Subject title: Sustainable Agriculture/Aquaculture & Data Science Internship

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