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Website To-Do List

Home Page

- Change caption on first image

- Link "Find out more" to "Mission" page

- Change ASC image?

- Add 2nd project

- Link projects to relevant page

- Add testimonials

- Beautify "Compliance Partners"

- Add small contact section at bottom 


- Create page designs

- Use other sites for inspiration

- Write our "mission" and "vision" 

- Write about how we achieve it

     - technology

     - expertise 

     - partnerships 

Our Team

- Add squares for team members with a photo and a small description. Clicking on photos has a link to their YouTube videos

- Subheadings:

     - Our values 

     - Our expertise 


- Create individual pages for each of the projects shown. Use the same format

- Beautify main page

- Create expert papers page in style of projects page, but with a short intro to the documents. Add something that says to read more sign up for our newsletter. 

/or look at v8 press page for inspiration


talk to juliette - what do we need to show - g forms


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