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The study includes:

A stakeholder analysis for Thai sugarcane: Identification of key organizations in Thailand involved in the sector and looking for sustainable performances for environmental, social, and economic aspects.

A sector analysis for Thai sugarcane:

National significance of sugar cane: employment, land uses, water use and energy impact.

Economic performance of milling groups and farmers: farmer annual production and incomes, input optimization and costs, farm productivity and diversification.

As part of FairAgora Asia’s work for the BONSUCRO standard implementation in Thailand, a review of the Thai sugar cane sector and industry has been made by FairAgora Asia team in order to have a full understanding of the Thai sugar cane’s supply chain challenges and opportunities. The study has been made with the support of Bonsucro and two of its members, PepsiCo and Corbion.

Related issues in Southeast Asian countries that may impact the Thai sugarcane sector:

- An issues analysis for Thai sugarcane:

- Key sustainability factors

- Potential expansion of sugarcane in High Conservation Value areas, where land conflicts exist, and in arable land where sugar cane compete with other crops.

The study is also built with stakeholders’ engagement and their expert knowledge on the sector. The stakeholders’ engagement had the goal to identify sugar cane challenges as well as Bonsucro gaps and strengths for Thailand. A strong gap analysis was built for each Bonsucro principle and indicators’ implementation, to evaluate their current level of compliance (low, medium or high). The review also includes comments for each indicator.

You can find the white paper by clicking here.

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